Welcome To FLEET WEEK!

VyceVictus begins a week-long journey into naval war films

Today marks the beginning of Fleet Week, a celebration of our armed forces service members and Naval tradition in particular leading up to Memorial Day. Fleet week itself has been around for decades in various forms and taken place in a multitude of port cities throughout the nation. In my hometown of New York City, we will be marking our 29th official anniversary of the celebration with a customary sea parade of US Navy ships whose sailors and marines will set ashore for all manner of festivities.

To coincide with this momentous occasion, I have taken it upon myself to do a series of essays about films that center on Naval warfare and/or traditions. There is a wide swath of such films to choose from, so my take will be a combination of favorites that have resonated with me along with forgotten or underrated works that deserve a closer look. While I’ll mostly stick to sea faring, I’ll leave some wiggle room to include a few genre favorites that I feel fit the theme coherently.

I’m very excited to be taking on this endeavor. It is both an expression of joy and personal challenge. Ive never written such a high volume of work in this condensed time frame, so I’m putting myself to the test. If I plan to make some type of living out of writing continuously, this is as good a time as any to start. I look forward to your comments and feedback about my selections, and I welcome any suggestions. If you are so inclined, I’d encourage you to draft up a small piece of your own celebrating a personal favorite. I love reading your comments just as much as I love expressing myself through writing, and I cant wait to see what great ideas and discussion born from this project. Peace!

  • Lilgreenman

    Excited for what we’re going to see from you:
    (Note: This was the primary inspiration for Hail Caesar‘s “No Dames!”)

  • I vote for The Hunt for Red October! Possibly also K-19, but I realize this involves watching a Kathryn Bigelow movie and I wouldn’t want to ask you to do that.

  • YayMayorBee

    I look forward to Vyce’s take on CABIN BOY.

  • I can’t wait until he has to watch Pearl Harbor!

  • Welcome Vyce! My association with Fleet Week is ridiculous and needs adjustment, so your series should help. I live in a port town (Portland, so name because duh), and to us who’ve long lived here it has primarily meant: A bunch of sweet ships roll in, empty their crews dressed in their formal finery, who enjoy the finest food, drink, and lonely suburban mean and women that we have to offer. There are whole parades and other business built up around this extravaganza, and it may be that its more lurid side didn’t get much air time as the various local traditions grew over the years – but we all know what fleet week in Portland is actually about. We are a very, very, very… welcoming… even accommodating town.

  • VyceVictus

    Heh, I actually somewhat regret leaving the “request line” open. As I mentioned, there’s a huge array of naval mivies, but in hoping to try a few seldom seen angles.Crimson Tide is definitely high on the queue tho, we’ll se how far I get.

    • Woot woot!

      Can’t wait. Your work is always can’t miss. Crimson Tide. You could devote a whole thinkpiece to how drastically different Crimson Tide would be written in today’s climate where politics rather than philosophies clash.

  • The Hunt For Red October is one of the movies i grew up watching all the time. I was already into military stuff but with a mother in the Navy it meant that anything involving the Navy in pop was going to become a family staple. Even a movie like YOURS, MINE, AND OURS featuring Henry Fonda as a Navy father got a little extra love due to the Navy connection.

    Looking forward to this Vyce