The Bus Stops Here: The Pixar Top Five

As a capper to Pixar Week, Kevin Kuhlman, Allen Strickland, La Donna Pietra and Jared Eves sat down to determine the top five Pixar films of all time. Their final ranking?

5. Brave

4. Toy Story

3. Monsters, Inc.

2. Inside Out

1. Finding Nemo

Any ranking like this is sure to be controversial, but I wasn’t involved in this discussion, so I feel completely comfortable telling you to rant and rave and shake your fists at our distinguished panelists. After you listen to their reasoning, of course. Have fun!


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  • Jamikel

    The Incredibles
    Inside Out
    Monsters Inc.
    Toy Story

  • Up
    Toy Story
    Toy Story 2
    The Incredibles
    Monsters, Inc.


    (Your complaints about Brave, not about Bring It On. Though I will also fight anyone who does not recognize the merits of that movie, too.)

    • Jamikel

      But really, isn’t Bring It On the platonic ideal of Pixar movie?

    • EmmJay

      Brave is terrible. Bring It On is amazing. Fight me.

      • They are both about feminine cooperation and agency in the face of stupid and/or ineffectual men. Brave would have been EVEN BETTER with Gabrielle Union, too.

        • EmmJay

          Gabrielle Union would struggle not to improve basically any movie.

          Brave doesn’t work tho, it’s a shambles, structurally and functionally. Bring It On’s dueling sports movies structure just creates space for its characters to charm. Also I’ve lived in the the places it was set. So Cal represent.

          • Brave works just fine for the intended audience, which is what fairy tales usually do. If you want to get fancy about it, you can map Vladimir Propp’s morphological structure to it; if you don’t, you can read any fairy tale about animal transformation. You can also check out Lili Loofbourow’s excellent take on what the wackier elements in Brave represent here:

    • Johnis1

      Bless your soul.

  • YayMayorBee


    2. UP
    5. TOY STORY 2

  • 1. (Tie) Toy Story/Toy Story 2/Finding Nemo/The Incredibles/Ratatouille/WALL-E/Up/Toy Story 3/Brave/Inside Out
    2. (Tie) A Bug’s Life/Monsters Inc/Cars/The Good Dinosaur/Finding Dory
    3. No Entries
    4. No Entries
    5. Cars 2

    • I haven’t seen Cars 3 yet.

  • 5. WALL•E
    4. Inside Out
    3. Toy Story 2
    2. Ratatouille
    1. Up

    Science has proven this to be the correct and factual ranking of the Top Five Pixar films. I’d invite you to fite me, but you can’t argue with science.