Cinema Chance Cube, Episode 3: SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER

Our big wet-brained podcast has returned! After spin-kicking our way through alien drug dealers and wishing our way out of sexy Satan’s contracts, Ryan, Shannon and myself have returned to watch, as Ryan eloquently put it, a “dope-ass french movie”. I’m talking master writer/director François Truffaut’s 1960 genre deconstruction Shoot the Piano Player. The power minds here on the Cinema Chance Cube pod finally were confronted with something they might have feared more than an Uwe Boll movie: watching something that was actually capital-g Good.

I can’t get over how much I dug Shoot the Piano Player this time around. I’d seen it before as part of a Truffaut-binge when Filmstruck/Criterion Channel first came out, but watching it again along with some of Criterion’s supplemental material just opened my mind to how amazing this film really is and how fully formed Truffaut was as a filmmaker two features into his career. I dug this one a lot, as did Ryan and Shannon.

That doesn’t mean this was all educational and intelligent… far from it! There’s still our usual middle-school-boy giggling over the film’s musical number that’s all about big ol’ fake tiddies and a whole lot of other goofball nonsense. Ryan dares to be stupid, Shannon gives 110%, and I may or may not be using this podcast to impress our biggest fan: Shannon’s mom.  Plus we talk about Boondock Saints-tattoos, a potential-Leisure Suit Larry museum exhibit, and how I’m practically a Truffaut character… which I think was a compliment? Alex Jones even returns for another guest spot, breaking down the way Truffaut conveys character through his framing.

There is also talk of my Dirtbag Days, and since I’m not as cowardly as Ryan (and because it’s already been shared on this site before) I’m gonna give you a glimpse at the brokeNCYDE picture we talk about. LOOK UPON MY WORKS YE MIGHTY AND DESPAIR:

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