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S. Craig Zahler's Latest is a Misanthropic Hoot

Writer, musician, and director S. Craig Zahler has now delivered two outrageous feel-bad pulp epics, and his fixations have begun to clarify. Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99 are in some ways variations on the same story; they feature descents into hellish dungeons, principled macho killing machines, chained women in desperate need of rescue, a

Tobe Hooper Gutted Film with THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

Tobe Hooper gave film permission to push its audience to new, unforgiving extremes

Tobe Hooper, the maverick independent filmmaker who viciously unmade the horror genre with his 1974 masterpiece The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has died at 74. His filmography is loaded with gems, including the bananas cross-genre camp classic Lifeforce and the endlessly debated partnership with Steven Spielberg, Poltergeist. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, however, is a towering landmark,

The Reassurance of Awe: The Metaphysics of Music in Soderbergh’s SOLARIS

Cliff Martinez wallops the soul with this hulking masterpiece of a score

This article was originally run in September of last year.  In honor of our ongoing tribute to Steven Soderbergh, we rerun it today as part of Soderbergh Week. Cliff Martinez has found his way to the common tongue in film and game circles thanks to his emotionally frank and transparently gorgeous work for Steven Soderbergh and,

Stream of Consciousness: ALWAYS SHINE

Crawford and Davis have nothing on the best frenemies in Sophia Takal's ALWAYS SHINE, a smart, quietly experimental horror drama

Sophia Takal’s quietly experimental ALWAYS SHINE tackles the well-worn story of rivalry between Hollywood hopefuls and infuses it with horrific intensity and fierce symbolic weight.

THE SHAPE OF WATER Trailer is All Wet

Drink in this new trailer from Guillermo del Toro

I’m in it for life with Guillermo del Toro. Even his less beloved films (Pacific Rim and, weirdly, the sumptuous Crimson Peak) are gorgeous, hypnotic affairs. It appears that The Shape of Water is no exception – I mean, look at this new trailer! He loves his monsters! Vaguely threatening Michael Shannon is a wonderful

The Bus Stops Here: Hot Takes v. 1

Tanner, Allen, Adam, and Bee stock up on burn gel as we present a series of wildly unpopular opinions and stand off against impassioned rebuttals.

Tanner, Allen, Adam, and Bee stock up on burn gel in this, the first ever HOT TAKES episode of The Bus Stops Here. We present a series of wildly unpopular opinions and stand off against impassioned rebuttals. Crank open the hydrants, here we go! Subscribe:

Children of Chaos: Sofia Coppola’s Women

Sofia Coppola’s protagonists are free particles in search of orbits. Sometimes they discover new families, sometimes they live and die alone.

Note: I use the term “Coppola’s girls” and “Coppola’s women” somewhat interchangeably simply because her characters range in age from pubescent to young adult.  Let’s start by shedding the shallow idea that Sofia Coppola’s cinema is a bored dissection of upper-class ennui. A popular refrain is that she shares with Wes Anderson a fascination with the restlessness of

Trash Time: ALIEN V. PREDATOR(s)

The TRASH TIME team take on the much-maligned ALIEN V. PREDATOR films

With a new Alien film just around the corner, Bee, Arzner, and Tanner welcome Lewton Bus regular Kevin to a long, weirdly impassioned heart-to-heart about the Alien v. Predator films! This time we locked poor Allen in a cryo-chamber. We’re still debating letting him out. Subscribe:

Stream of Consciousness: THE DAUGHTER

THE DAUGHTER is a masterfully performed reminder that even the best of us are capable of hurting each other

Stream of Consciousness is an ongoing series that highlights gems available from popular streaming services that you might have missed The Daughter is currently available from Netflix US Sometimes you arbitrarily hit a classy thumbnail on Netflix and shit gets very real. The Daughter is a smart and moving melodrama that breathes fresh life into

Stream of Consciousness: SPA NIGHT

In this installment of our regular series on gems you might have missed that are now widely available on streaming services, Tanner talks about a quiet masterpiece of queer cinema, Spa Night. Even looking on as an outsider from a multi-generation white family, this remarkable film feels personal to me. I married a first generation child

Tanner’s 2016 Horror Top 5

Tanner walks us through his favorite horror films of the year. 2016 is embarrassingly rich with tremendous films, in this and every other corner of the medium.  I have been an obsessive horror buff since the glory days of slasher franchises in the 1980s. The genre’s catalog is deep and wide, and I’ve spent decades exploring


Finely-crafted, enjoyable, and legitimately scary.

Related: THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE: Shannon says see it, too! The Autopsy of Jane Doe, from André Øvredal, is a finely-crafted, enjoyable, and legitimately scary film that is essentially one long bottled set piece in a beautiful (and wildly fanciful) imagination of a gothic subterranean mortuary. I want some of today’s lazier haunted house hallway fetishists