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F9: Justice for Han

Somehow FAST & FURIOUS fan favorite Han Seoul-Oh has returned!

The first trailer for F9: THE FAST SAGA marks the return of Justin Lin to the franchise he helped define. It also marks the return of… someone else.

Review: STUBER


Diane thinks STUBER is severely lacking in laughs, character and good action: three qualities kind of essential to a buddy action comedy. So… bummer.

Review: SABRINA, “Dreams in a Witch House”

Restless Sleep Makes for a Thrilling Standalone Episode

So far, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has given us thrills and chills, and a compelling protagonist and wonderfully sassy aunties. What it hadn’t given us yet is a genuinely good standalone episode, which is something that tends to go away when it comes to the binge model of television. If you have every episode

Review: SABRINA, “The Trial of Sabrina Spellman”

Sabrina's third hour spins its wheels but isn't without charm

The third episode of Sabrina, “The Trial of Sabrina Spellman,” has our heroine fresh off rejecting the Dark Lord, and Father Blackwood’s torch-bearing mob still is lingering in her mind. Then, a message arrives: Sabrina is being sued by the Dark Lord for breach of promise because she refused to sign her name during the

Dad Media Month: Bauer, Ryan, and Fear of America

What do our heroes tell us about patriotism in the post 9/11 world?

Jack Bauer and Jack Ryan make for interesting bookends to our current political times. Their duality comes during times of enormous fear and their works help illuminate both fear and an affirmation of the status quo. Both men reflect the insecurities, political motivations, and ideals of our political landscape.

Dad Media Month: Playing These PATRIOT GAMES

I have a confession: Patriot Games isn’t my favorite Jack Ryan movie; that title belongs to Clear and Present Danger. But what makes Patriot Games unique in the Ryanverse is how it uses its personal story as the primary driver for the plot. Just as Clear and Present Danger is an intense political thriller, Patriot

Review: JACK RYAN, Season 1: Pilot

This is the Jack Ryan We've Been Waiting For

How do you talk about a show like Jack Ryan without comparing it to 24 or Homeland? All three feature protagonists with past traumas, people who are very clearly good at their jobs, who love their countries, who are loyal to their government. And yet, Jack Ryan’s similarities with those other shows ends right there

Celebrating Dad Media: What Is It, Exactly?

“Dad media? What’s that?” I’m glad you asked. Contrary to initial appearances, Dad Media is not media about dads (though there is often overlap). Dad Media is, more generally, “stuff dads like.” This is a wide spectrum, and includes movies like Hunt for Red October, shows like 24, everything on CBS that has a white

Western Month: JOHNNY GUITAR, Feminist Tall Tale

Released in 1954, Johnny Guitar is the story of Vienna (Joan Crawford), a scrappy saloon owner eagerly awaiting a railroad that will bring business and wealth to her saloon, who faces off with Emma Small (Mercedes McCambridge), who hates her for allowing The Dancin’ Kid, a local small-time crook, to stay at the saloon after


Spike Lee's latest evocative film uses the past to hold a mirror up to our present

BlacKkKlansman is as subtle as a jackhammer going off at 5 am. It will stick with you, and it will terrify you. It will also make you laugh and gasp and grit your teeth in anger. It will also leave you still as you watch a master of cinema display black resistance as a foundation for the future.